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Vacant Commerical Property Maintainance 

Getting Commercial Office Insurance Shouldn’t be Complicated!

Whether you rent or own your office space in Canada, getting office insurance is important. Office insurance provides financial coverage for physical loss or damage to your property including valuable papers. 

Maintaining Vacant Law Firm Properties

These are unprecedented times, with self-isolation requirements resulting in many law firms being closed and employees working from home wherever possible. This could result in commercial buildings and office spaces sitting idle for an extended period of time during which the buildings or offices could be subject to property and/or liability damages that are typically associated with vacant properties. 

In these situations, it is important to be aware of maintenance schedules associated with building systems, including, but not limited to: fire protection equipment service and maintenance; roofing repairs; HVAC maintenance; refrigeration systems, etc. Keeping track of when the scheduled maintenance is required for these services is considered a proactive approach to avoiding unwanted property damages. On a positive note, the weather is starting to change to warmer temperatures. This will alleviate the concern for frozen water pipes in buildings, which could result in significant water damage to the building and property.

Monitoring of Property

1. Ensure all fire protection equipment continues to be maintained in working condition. Water flow switches attached to the sprinkler system should be monitored off-premises in order to alert the proper authorities for quicker response to prevent fire/water damages.
2. Monitored security alarm systems should continue to be operational, as these facilities could become targets of theft during prolonged vacancy.
3. Frequent visits (preferably daily, but a few times a week would be adequate) to the property should be conducted to ensure combustible debris does not accumulate on the exterior. The accumulation of garbage and/or combustible items on the exterior could show that the building is not being maintained, and be an attractive theft target for unwanted visitors.

Continue to keep the exterior illuminated to include entrances and any exterior stock accumulation.

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